One of the best things about the time we gather each week as a church family is that we come from a variety of backgrounds and consist of every age, life stage and nationality. While church can so often become about one generation or another we are constantly working to create a place where people of every age can worship and grow together. With that being said we’ve found that some people more naturally connect with one style of worship over another (crazy right?) and God has blessed us with worship leaders who can lead a variety of styles. So our first service which is more traditional in style incorporates a choir, a prayer time and a passing of an offering as part of worship. Our second service is modern and structures worship around reflecting and responding to God’s word and it’s power to change us every time we encounter it.

Regardless of the style or service time, whenever we gather as a church body we do it not simply for ourselves but so that we can be unified and sent back out with the collective mission of reaching the city and the world with the gospel. In other words, we COME so that we can GO.

Service Times:

Traditional - 9:00AM

Modern - 10:45AM