At OCEC we know that what Jesus means when he says “Follow Me” is exactly that, follow Him. Not just act like him or talk like him or read the things he says, but to also follow him as he goes to the lost people of this world. Being a disciple means making disciples, having the gospel means sharing the gospel, living on this earth means living for the people of this earth. We are missionaries, a church full of them, and this is what everything do is all about.

But where do we start? Many of us don’t even know many non-christians, much less know how to reach them with the gospel which has become old news to people who have already heard about and made their minds up about Jesus. SENDING SCHOOL is the first step in this adventure we call “living on mission”.

Join Pastor Ed for any of these 4 week sessions where we will cover the 4 most fundamental steps we can and MUST take in order to live this way. What we will see is that Jesus was right, by losing our life we actually find it. By doing what the disciples did we will experience the faith the disciples did.

Sign up by choosing an option here for any one month session, the cost is free but you can pay $20 and dinner will be included in the night.

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