This year OCEC KIDS will jump in on a whirlwind journey through the ENTIRE BIBLE. 

Every week we have a single Bible point and we take that point and try hard to communicate it the way that will best connect with each individual age and developmental stage. We use multi-sensory, educationally sound experiences that make it easier for kids to grasp and remember. Our goal is to learn, remember and believe, which is a lot to ask, so we do everything we can to engage kids along the way.  Rather than simply learning Bible facts (“I learned about Jesus’ birth”), kids will learn what these facts help us know about God (“I learned that God does the impossible.”)

At the end of the year our kids will have walked through the whole Bible! 

Classes at the 9:00 and 10:45 hours teach the same Bible point and Bible lesson every week in every single class, but we use different activities and methods in each hour to help kids understand the story or point in a different way.  That way children who attend both hours have a better and deeper understanding (as opposed to just hearing the same thing twice) and more experiences to help them explore more deeply what Scripture has to say about their lives.