Growth Groups are THE way to connect more meaningfully to God, the Bible, and each other. While Sunday mornings are the time we all gather for worship as a family, there's just too many people in one place to be able to stop and really get involved in one another's lives.  This is why we have small groups, and we encourage everyone to be a part of them because without true community the church isn't able to function as God intended it.


Questions People Have…

When do they meet?
Growth groups meets every week and on lots of different nights, so it shouldn't be hard to find one that works for your schedule.  We also have groups for every life stage because we know that sometimes community happens most naturally with people going through the same things as you and your family. 

What about kids?
If you are interested in being a part of a group that meets at a home but want to bring your child, that's  something we recommend working out with the leader of your potential group.  

How do I get started?
Most groups run from September until the end of May with a few weeks off for the holidays, but you can jump into a group anytime throughout the year. Click the link below to get started finding a group that works for you!