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Growth Groups at OCEC

Growth Groups at Oregon City Evangelical Church are a way to connect more meaningfully to God, the Bible, and each other in a comfortable, engaging setting. We want people to share their lives with each other, to lift each other up in prayer, and learn who God is, and what His plans for us are by studying his Word. Celebrating each others’ good times, caring for each other through difficult times, and reaching out in service to our church and community are all aspects of being involved in a Growth Group. Our dream is that every person at OCEC will be able find a group where they belong, and start growing!


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Contact Brenda Heinsoo at (503) 656-8582 or and she will let you know what groups are currently open. Just commit for this term. If it works, great! If it’s not a great fit, let us know and we will connect you with another group. You can do this by filling out the evaluation at the end of the term and let us know either that you are continuing on the journey with this group or that you need to find another. We believe there is a place for everyone to grow!

How often do Growth Groups meet?

Groups meet once a week during the term. Meetings usually last between one and a half and two hours. There is usually a three to four week break in between terms.

What about my children?

Childcare is provided at OCEC for Wednesday night Growth Groups for children from birth to Kindergarten. Excellent programming is available for students in first grade through high school. Groups that meet on other nights make other arrangements. Some groups hire a babysitter for all the kids and share the cost. And Growth Groups are available for all Middle School and High School students.

What kinds of service projects are involved?

This is entirely up to the group. Each group will decide how they want to serve the church and our communities. OCEC’s ACTS Team often has service projects that they are encouraging people to help with. Past projects include yard work for an elderly neighbor, preparing meals and food boxes for the needy, local school cleanup projects, supporting missionary teams, and many others. When someone in the group sees a need, they can bring it up for discussion in the group. It is up to each group how often they serve together. Working together is a great bonding experience. Relationships grow as you serve alongside one another.

Does it cost anything to be a part of a Growth Group?

Most groups follow the Sermon Study Guides provided in the bulletin each week, so there is no cost for curriculum. Some groups may opt to study a specific topic, so each member will be responsible for their own copy of the book. Snacks or meals are usually shared, so you will probably be asked to bring food occasionally.

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