Adult Sunday School


Adult Sunday School at OCEC

2017 Adult Summer Sunday Seminars

During the 9:00am and 10:45am Services

July 2 – Maintaining a Strong and Ready Testimony – Dr. Bill Vermillion
We will examine several scriptures as foundation and then use the witness of the early church down to today as illustrations of having a strong and ready testimony.

July 9 – What does God think of aliens and strangers? –  Wane and Sherry Schock
Recent events in our city cause us to consider how God would desire us to interact with the culture around us when it comes to the ethnic minorities that He has brought to live in our communities. What does the Bible say about how we interact with aliens and strangers? And how do we apply those principles to our daily lives in ways that honor God, reflect His glory, and draw others to his love and grace?

July 16 – Idol worship in the modern world – Chris Storey
Taking off the closing line of 1 John and the conversations we’ve been having with the high school group in Isaiah and Jeremiah, we will look at a robust reference of all the times that the Lord warns against false idols, apply that to those we are presented with in the modern world, and offer some strategies for folks to be more mindful of the 1st and 2nd Commandments.

July 23 Healing Communication – Dennis and Georgia Miller
In every relationship, especially in the marriage relationship, being able to communicate openly and honestly about issues both large and small can sometimes be very difficult. In order to grow and maintain healthy relationships between spouses we must be able to both speak and listen and work through conflict. We will cover three areas of healing needed in every relationship: HEALING COMMUNICATION, HEALING CONFLICT, HEALING CHANGE.

July 30 Problem-Solving in Marriage – Brent Burson
Counselors unanimously find that marriage and family problems outnumber all other counseling problems combined. The most common problem in a marriage is what to do when disagreements surface. Solving problems together also increases attachment, which is the best predictor to a long lasting marriage.

August 6 – Evolutionists aren’t ignorant; the trouble is they know so much that isn’t so! – Horst Matschukat
Evidence will be provided, through quotes and comments in their own words, that evolutionists know a lot of stuff that isn’t so. We will hear of theories based on non-existing evidence. As a matter of fact some in academia teach as fact ideas that cannot be described in any other way than that they are figments of their imagination.

August 13 – The 3D Gospel: How the Bible speaks of Guilt, Shame and Fear Cultures – Bruce Benson
That might seem like a far-fetched topic but it is trending in some circles and it was something that resonated with people when we touched on it in a recent class.

August 20 – The Role of the Sacraments – Allen Solheim
We regularly take communion and for most believers, at some point choose to be baptized. However, few of us understand the theological significance nor the historical role the sacraments have played in the life of the church over the past two millenniums. This hour will focus on both the history and the theology of the sacraments of the Christian Church.

August 27 – Heaven: What does the Bible really teach? – Dr. Carmen Imes
The Evangelical vision of life after death is largely shaped by sources other than the Bible. Yes, we have a lot to look forward to, but puffy clouds, winged angels, and disembodied souls are not what the Bible describes. In fact, “going to heaven when we die” is not the point. Come discover what God has in store for us in the next life, and how it changes this one!

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